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Let me tell yaa my experience. I walk in and am greeted by Rosie by a first name, which I think is amazing with all customers that come on a daily basis. She knows exactly what I want/need and always has this smile on her face.. and now that they have opened their delivery & online-order service from their website, I even referred my lazy friend Ross, so that he does not have to drive from La Crescenta to Sunland, after returning back home tired. Jeez, he is always tired! Oh man, why I blame him? Even I get my stuff delivered to Glendale at some special weekends, all the way from Sunland. Why?… I bring in a list of items I usually research in advance and Rosie is able to educate me better on what types of strains could be most helpful for my medical condition. I trust her cannabis knowledge and she is really supportive.

Jamie Stone

Delivery and Guidance

Let me touch base on their pre-rolls though! Best pre rolls I've ever had... the don't do the cones, they don't do the filters... just good old joints man! And they're all individually hand rolled, quality cannabis 1 gram joints (no shake or seeds here people!) sativa or indica, whatever your cup of tea is, they have it. And talk about attention to detail... every single one of their pre rolls is a replica of the other, and they burn amazing.

Jesus Navas

Hapiness Home Delivered!

The decor in the collective is pretty cool too! They have all kinds of decorations, table displays and banners on the walls and the way everything is lit up inside is really crisp and classy looking. If you're out in the city, stop by and check them out. You won't be disappointed! Now... off to get my prerolls and enjoy this beautiful 50 degree Sunland Winter Day!

Caroline Ray

I love this place, their prices can't really be beat
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