The smell and taste of cannabis strains depends upon the terpenes in them. Earthy flavor strains have fifty-fifty likings. For some it is a pleasant flavor while others prefers avoiding it.

Here is top 4 earthy flavor cannabis strains to look out for:

1. Master Kush

An indica strain with strong earthly flavor when taken in large doses can make the mind and body fully numb. A small dose of Master Kush can fully relax to help reduce pain, stress and tension. There is a hint of citrus in this strain which can reduce the earthy-forward flavor. This strain helps with insomnia, stress, pain and muscle spasms.

2. God’s Gift

This THC high indica strain with earthy flavors of berry and grape has healing power for significant pain and insomnia. Taking God’s Gift has quick affects on mind that can last for an hour. This crossbreed of OG Kush and Granddaddy Purple, has relaxation and sleepy affects with happiness, euphoria and feeling uplifted following behind.

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3. Harlequin

This high-CBD, low-THC strain has earthy and musky flavor with a hint of mango in the background. An ideal sativa for those that want relief without the high. This hybrid of Colombian Gold, Thai and Swiss strain is an ideal option for those with pain, inflammatory disorders, mood imbalances, stress and fatigue.