Ever tried a marijuana strain and realized it’s not for you? Maybe the taste isn’t too your liking? But there are certain strain that are pretty much impossible to hate when you first try it.

Here are four marijuana strains you’ll love the first time:

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1. Blue Dream

There is a reason Blue Dream is probably the most popular marijuana strain in America. It gives you a nice high that’s not too powerful, has a nice berry aroma and will easily help relax you. Basically, it has no negatives.

2. Harlequin

Harlequin is a high CBD strain that will deliver the relaxing effects of marijuana without the super powerful high that other high THC strains can deliver. It’s the perfect mellow high for marijuana beginners and veterans.

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3. White Widow

White Widow is another super popular marijuana strain that nearly everyone likes. It’s another strain that’s not too powerful but will get you in a nice relaxed and happy mood, which is really all people want when smoking marijuana.

4. Maui Wowie

Everyone likes tropical things, from fruits to drinks to vacation destinations. Maui Wowie is perhaps the most tropical marijuana strain you’ll find. It’s like taking a mental vacation down to Hawaii.