People think smoking cannabis is purely for couch and getting relaxed, but cannabis users have started using the herb for productivity also. Certain strains can help medical issues, but energy and productivity is one of the sought after effects of recreational cannabis right now. You want something that will have you feeling stoned and uplifted, but not so bogged down.

Here are 4 cannabis strains that could help you remain uplifted and a more productive day:

  • 1. Blue Dream

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    This sativa-dominant cannabis hybrid hails from the lands of northern California and is genetically a cross of a Santa Cruz Haze mother and a Blueberry male. This sweet blueberry-like aroma starin derives its name from the flavors and effects of the plant. It gives you a calming euphoria that can boost your spirit without being overwhelming.

  • 2. Tropicana Cookies

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    Tropicana Cookies is a beautiful hybrid flower with extremely dark purple buds flushed with orange hairs and sticky trichomes. It has a sweet citrus taste. This mild potent strain comes forth with a perky buzz that will make you tick your to-do-list in no-time.

  • 3. Strawberry Diesel

    This hybrid strain isn’t jolting, but what Strawberry Diesel’s high lacks in energy, it makes up for in focus. Delicious and uplifting without pushing you over the edge, the high is productive without heightening the nerves, allowing you to be creative, finish chores and deal with boring conversations.

  • 4. Chiesel

    Initially uplifting, the Chiesel high won’t affect if you have something to concentrate on…and, unlike with many stimulating strains, that isn’t impossible to do with Chiesel. Any strain can give you the weirds if you smoke too much, but Chiesel can be ranked with some of the most productive highs.