Cannabis concentrates are basically the “good parts” of a cannabis plant. They are made through an extraction process containing all the “good parts” without the excess packaging (flowers, stems, etc.). They are available in a wide array of forms such as oils, wax, glass, shatter, and oral tinctures. Here are 4 facts to know about cannabis concentrates that might intrigue you.

1. Made from Trichomes

Cannabis concentrates are made from ‘Trichomes’. Trichomes are these small growths of frost-covered strings that grow on the plant’s surface. Trichomes are the cannabinoids (CBD, THC, etc.) and terpenes that give different aromas and effects for different cannabis strains.

2. Not All Concentrates Are Extracts

All extracts are concentrates, not all concentrates can be considered extracts. The difference lies in the way trichomes are obtained. ‘Extracts’ are created using alcohol, carbon dioxide, and other solvents to extract the trichomes. ‘Cannabis concentrates’ that are not extracts include rosin, dry sift, and kief. Straight concentrates are created by physically removing the trichomes from the plant.

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3. 6 Concentrate Textures

Cannabis concentrates come in six different textures:

  • Shatter – brittle texture
  • Batter or Budder texture
  • Crumble – crumbly texture
  • Sugar texture
  • Sauce texture
  • Crystalline

4. High Potency

One of the benefits of cannabis concentrates is the potency. Flowers have a potency of about 10-25% THC. Concentrates can have a potency percentage of anywhere between 50 and 90%.