For a change don’t make this Valentine’s Day another strawberry valentine’s day. Spice up your love-life this valentine’s day! Cannabis can be a new way to enhance your sexual experiences this Valentine’s Day.

The use of Cannabis isn’t just a medical advancement and isn’t just a fun plant to experience, but also has some alluring properties that make it perfect for setting the mood with your lover.

Here are 5 best cannabis strains for love and all things pleasurable.

Natural Aid - Surplus Trainwreck

1. Trainwreck

If you like it hard, then you’ll love how hard Trainwreck hits you with mind-mending hybrid, sativa-leaning effects.

This strain has the potential to make your sexual experience the complete opposite of a train wreck.

Most Trainwreck explorers feel a surge of euphoria, creativity, and happiness, which are the perfect ingredients to get your body and mind ready for an exciting and sensual experience.

Trainwreck may be one of the best strains for sex, but it’s also a great strain for just general daytime use to get motivated, creative, and uplifted.

Natural Aid - Sour Diesel

2. Sour Diesel

Awaken your senses for pleasure with the invigorating Sour Diesel.

Because this is a sativa-dominant strain, it delivers energizing effects, but still maintains a dreamy and relaxing cerebral state.

Stay present and in the moment and enjoy refreshing effects that will make you feel inspired to move your body in whichever way feels best.

Natural Aid - Granddaddy Purple

3. Granddaddy Purple

This strain may not be one of the best strains for sex, but it sure is a great one for relaxing with your lover afterward.

This famous Indica strain offers a divine full-body relaxation (even better after an epic orgasm), coupled with a cerebral euphoria that makes it perfect for relaxing with your lover under silk sheets.

4. Grateful Breath

As the name suggests, this strain will make you feel grateful for every breath you take, and every move you make.

Grateful Breath brings a new level to be in the moment, and that’s what makes this one of the best strains for sex that’s passionate and connective.

5. Jillybean

Want to get creative and try something new with your partner?

Jillybean delivers deeply creative, euphoric, and uplifting effects which make it one of the best strains for sex that’s more on the adventurous and kinky side.

It’s a hybrid strain, which means it carries traits of both a Sativa and Indica, but it’s definitely more of an upbeat and happy strain with a tangy and flavorful taste.