One of remarkable breakthroughs in medical cannabis is that the plant can protect one from nerve damage and sometimes repair the damage. Epilepsy affects people differently but treatment without side effects has been a challenge. Medical cannabis is showing promise and offers a new treatment option for people who suffer from this disorder.

5 best cannabis strains for Epilepsy:

1. Purple Urkle

It is one of the most popular California indicas is also one of the best weed strains for epilepsy. Like Grandaddy Purple, Purple Urkle has a high CBD content. Unlike GDP, however, Purple Urkle dials back the THC. It’s a powerful strain for curing nerve pain and fighting seizures.

2. Ringo’s Gift

Named after the dearly departed medical cannabis activist and CBD pioneer Lawrence Ringo, this hybrid strain peaks at 24:1 CBD to THC ratio and is helpful in treating epilepsy.

3. Crystal Coma

Crystal Coma is an extremely rare sativa-dominant hybrid strain, generally associated with energy and high focus. It’s heavy, sleepy, trance-inducing high make it a great medicine for night time relief from epileptic episodes.

4. Tangerine Kush

Tangerine Cannabis Products at NaturalAid, SunlandTangerine Cannabis Products at Licensed Cannabis Weed Dispensary, Sunland, California

Tangerine Kush is easily one of the best weed strains for epilepsy. The reason is simple. Epileptic patients who use cannabis to stop seizures in their tracks need strains that are fast-acting. Tangerine Kush is exactly that. It’s potent, strong effects come on rapidly.

5. Charlotte’s Web

The strain gets its name from Charlotte Figi, a girl who suffers from Dravet Syndrome, a rare and intense form of epilepsy that causes hundreds of seizures a month. A pure CBD strain that comes in at 20 percent, and bred specifically for treating epilepsy, Charlotte’s Web is without a doubt the best of the best weed strains for epilepsy.