Enhancing thought process to elevating cerebral affects, sativa strains is the answer. On the other hand indica strains will help you to relax and ease you into a sleepy haze. Over the years people have utilized cannabis to induce their creative minds as it is a helpful tool in removing oneself from a creative lock-down.

Here are a few strains to consider when you want to uplift your creativity:

1. AK-47

This sativa-dominant hybrid is just as reliable and efficient as its namesake. AK-47 offers a long-lasting, uplifting high that allows your mind to wander but still stay focused on the task at hand. Users have found it easier to map out their creative thoughts while consuming this strain, as they can find themselves in a daze of creativity the entire time.

2. Amnesia Haze

Despite its name, Amnesia Haze is known to aid in productivity rather than make you forget. A regularly sought-after strain in Dutch coffee shops, this strain provides a mind-focused high that is also known to relieve anxiety.

An 80/20 sativa dominant strain, true Amnesia Haze will have a sweet, lemon-citrus scent. You will feel happy, giggly, euphoric, energized, and, of course–creative–after consuming this strain.

3. Blue Dream

Blue Dream was born in California after a blueberry indica was crossed with the sativa Haze. This strain is known for a two-stage high: a trademark sativa hits first, then a more relaxed high is experienced in the second stage, one in which is known to aid in pain relief.

4. Durban Poison

Durban Poison at NaturalAid, SunlandSativa Strain Durban Poison at Legal Cannabis Dispensary, Sunland, California

This strain is a 100 percent pure sativa that features optimal genetics. Originating from the South African port city of Durban, it is notorious for a sweet smell with energetic, uplifting effects.

Durban Poison offers a unique taste, like that of licorice. It is known for being one of the most energizing strains around, making it ideal for long days of productive creativity.

5. Kali Mist

This strain can not only motivate immense energy but also shake your imagination awake with creative inspiration. Users can expect a rush of energy, focus, motivation, happiness, and creativity.

Kali Mist is also known to be an aid in pain management and is recommended among many women as being reliable in easing menstrual pain.