Cannabis can be used to treat a wide variety of medical and/or common conditions. There are two main varieties of cannabis plants, and each offers a different set of benefits. Understanding the difference between the two is important to finding the right strain for each person.

Physical Feature

Indica: Cannabis Indica plants are short, bushy plants with wide leaves.

Sativa:Cannabis Sativa plants are tall and thin with narrow leaves.

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Indica: Indica plants typically grow faster and have a higher yield.

Sativa: Sativa plants take longer to grow, mature, and require more light.


Indica: Indica plants are easier choice for growing cannabis in an area with a less hot climate.

Sativa: Sativa plants are far more indigenous to warmer climates with longer summers, and take a longer time to fully flower.


Indica: Sedative that gives a Body High. General perception is that Indica is an effective pain reliever, with a flat and relaxing high.

Sativa: Cause more Cerebral effects. General perception is that it provides a more energizing and creative high, though it can prompt anxiety in some people.

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Indica: Indica is said to have higher concentrations of CBD and lower concentrations of THC.

Sativa: Sativa strains are said to have higher concentrations of THC.