When in 2008, Super Lemon Haze won the Cannabis Cup, the citrus-flavored strains with enticing aromas have started capturing the minds of cannabis lovers. With aromas of a variety of fruits including oranges, grapefruits and lemons these cannabis strains have become more desirable as more cannabis lovers shift their focus to flavor.

Here’s a list of 5 top citrus-flavored cannabis strains you might try it out (if you haven’t).

1. Lemon Tree

Lemon Tree is cultivated in the Santa Cruz mountains, where it attracted international attention due to it’s incredible flavor. This cannabis will fill your nose with fresh Meyer Lemon, savory citrus rind, pungent skunk, and a hint of sharp gas that cuts through the rest of the terps.As you exhale it will fill your mind and body as lucid euphoria sets in, elevating the user with a joyful burst of balanced energy.

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2. Clementine

A breed of Tangie and Lemon Skunk, this cannabis strain fills the room with bold aromas of sweet, sharp citrus and pungent skunk. Just as refreshing as the nose, exhaling the smoke delivers a burst of flavor to your nose, reminiscent of being inside a citrus grove.

Find Clementine Cannabis Strain from Weedway – Licensed Cannabis Dispensary, Sunland-Tujunga, California, Los Angeles

3. Golden Lemons

A breed of Kosher Kush and Lemon Skunk, this cannabis is refreshingly sharp, extremely potent that imparts feelings of focus and motivation, coupled with a warm, buzzing physical relaxation that leads to a couchlocked sedation.

Find ClementineGolden Lemons Cannabis Strain from Weedway – Licensed Cannabis Dispensary, Sunland-Tujunga, California, Los Angeles

4. Lemon Skunk

Bursting with flavors of sweet lemon candy, it will give your nose a ‘trance’ after grinding these amazing buds.
With the pleasant-tasting smoke still hanging in the air, the effects of this award-winning strain quickly become apparent. The high begins with a rush of stimulating euphoria, quickly evolving into a clear-headed, yet enjoyably stony focus. Lemon Skunk is also quite calming, both mentally and physically.

5. Orange Tree

This dense, large buds of highly sought-after flower exude a complex aroma that is at once sharp and sweet, yet extremely savoury. When inhaled, the citrusy smoke releases an invigorating buzz that relieves tension in body and mind. Pleasantly euphoric, the user is now relaxed and free from the burdens of stress, anxiety, and fatigue.