Drowning your sorrows in alcohol, or using substances to soften or escape from reality, can be a tempting option for people who have difficulty expressing themselves… But have you noticed that cannabis users are just more chill and relaxed, in general? That is no accident.

When dealing with feelings of anger, many people turn to alcohol, which is an addictive and damaging substance well known for its detrimental effects, physically and mentally. Research on cannabis, now legal in some parts of the world, is more promising as a treatment for anger, but still seems full of contradictions.

Cannabis can be used to effectively to treat anger, depression and anxiety that triggers explosive outbursts. If a patient has other forms of mental illnesses, depending what kind, cannabis can also be used for that.

Studies show that CBD can regulate imbalances in the endocannabinoid system, thereby effectively treating the triggers or causes of angry outbursts. The study, which looked at 400 participants, involved administering either placebos or hemp oil. The participants who received the CBD revealed significantly reduced stress levels compared to those who were given the placebo.

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Another study analyzing CBD on social anxiety involved placing some participants under social stress, followed by CBD medication. They found that the participants who didn’t take CBD had much higher alert levels, a metric that is also found among people who have anger management issues.

Scientists have also found that CBD medications can provide the brain with a sense of calm thanks to its ability to regulate the neurotransmitters. When you take CBD, this tapers off the fight or flight responses, and it calms you down when you are faced with situations that would otherwise trigger panic or fear.

Cannabis and CBD can not only help with the emotional or mental triggers that lead to an outburst. People have experienced success in treating stress and anxiety when using cannabis, especially high CBD strains and CBD products.