Cannabis Indica Strains – Morphology, Cultivation, Effects

Geographical Origins

The Himalaya/Karakorum region is the origin of most pure Indica cannabis. They are mostly originated from Afghanistan, Pakistan, northern India, the Hindu Kush and some areas from Eastern Europe. Cannabis Indica was brought to the West by the first hippies who travelled to Asia during the 60’s and 70’s. Cannabis Indica was first described and named by French naturalist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck in 1785, who based his description on plants from India.


The main phenotypic characteristics of cannabis Indica are:

  • Short and compact plants
  • Short internodal distance
  • Thick leafs with broad leaflets
  • Relatively short flowering period, from 45 to 65 days

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All these features make Indica strains a very suitable option for both indoor or outdoor cultivation.

When grown indoors, they have the advantage of being short and compact plants. They have strong and few side branches and develop a main stem from where we get almost 100% of the plant’s yield.

Regarding outdoor cultivation, the advantages are mainly the same as indoors; short and compact plants, they are suitable for terrace crops and easily camouflaged.

Cultivation Time

Cannabis Indica ripe early, mid September, early October – enable the grower to harvest his plants before bad climate conditions arrive at the beginning of Autumn. While Indica strains are usually resistant to insects, they may be sensitive to mold attacks due to their compact buds, which can be attacked by fungus when it rains or with high humidity levels.


Indica strains induce a sedative and narcotic effect, the typical “stoned” feeling which is often not recommended for performing activities that may require concentration, such as driving or operating heavy machinery. Some strains have a very strong, almost instant effect, so one can feel almost asleep with few tokes.