Last few years, cannabis has gained much imporatnce in health and wellness industry. Various scientific research have reported that components of cannabis have many health benefits and one may include being an aphrodisiac. While more research is necessary, some cannabis strains may be helpful for sexual intercourse.

Nevertheless, informal reports suggest that the best strains for sex may be beneficial for:

  • Sexual Anxiety

    Some people may have sexual performance anxiety, which may prevent them from having satisfactory sex. A 2020 article suggests that CBD may have a promising role in the treatment of various anxiety disorders. Therefore, it can said that CBD may be beneficial for reducing any anxiety related to sexual activities.

  • Low Drive

    A 2017 study suggests that cannabis may activate the part of the brain that controls arousal. For this reason, cannabis may be helpful for people with low sex drive.

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  • Lubrication

    Many personal lubricants on the market may now include CBD as an ingredient. Therefore, those that struggle with dryness and painful sex may benefit from using CBD-infused lubricants.

  • Erectile Dysfunction

    A 2014 review found that the Cannabis sativa plant may improve ejaculatory and sexual performance. However, more research is necessary to understand how the plant works.

    Practitioners believe that it could help promote blood flow to the penis. Better blood flow to the penis may relieve ED and facilitate longer-lasting sex.