Curious about the difference between an Indica vs Sativa? Want to know the different types of highs you’ll get from an Indica vs Sativa strains? Whether you are growing it or buying it, there’s value in knowing what you’re consuming.


  • Indica was first classified in 1785 after Jean-Baptiste Lamarck described a second type of cannabis from India.
  • Indica grows best in the high altitude and cool temperatures of the Hindu Kush mountain range. This includes regions of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Morocco, India, and Nepal.
  • Indica varieties decrease the user’s energy and are known to put the user “in da couch.”
  • Indica have higher CBD levels than Sativas, Indica plants are used more often for medical purposes.
  • Indica is a short and bushy plant with wide leaves that are dark green, and they can even be purple-tinted.
  • The buds of this plant grow in clusters and are heavy and fragrant.

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  • It was biologist Carl Linnaeus who first classified Sativa in 1753.
  • The Sativa plants thrive in warmer equatorial climates, such as Colombia, Mexico, Thailand, and Southeast Asia.
  • Sativa is best known for having uplifting effects.
  • Higher THC levels in Sativa, encourages a “head high.”
  • Sativa is a tall plant that has a loosely branched body. Its leaves are long and thin, and are lighter green in color.
  • The buds of the Sativa plant are light, airy, and long.

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