Cannabis sativa strains are favored for recreational purposes, as these sativa strains due to some conditions do not provide satisfactory medicinal results. This is where cannabis indica strains move in.

If you are looking for cannabis strains that have effects of nausea-reducing, stony and pain relieving body highs, then you would definitely become a fan of cannabis indica strains.

Top 4 Best Cannabis Indica Strains

1. Skywalker OG

A cross between two popular strains, Skywalker and OG Kush, it gives a calming smoke that carries a mellow high and is a crowd-pleaser for beginners. A powerful and enjoyable hybrid with a strong indica presence (80%) and a light sativa balance (20%), this strain was found to contain extremely high THC levels of up to 26%. A very earthy amd spicy cannabis straim.

2. Banana Kush

With THC levels upto high as 27% and CBD levels low as 1%, Banana Kush originated in California. One of many hybrid strains created in the Golden State, the fruity Kush is known for chill, happy vibes. Though it smells like bananas, this bright green indica-dominant strain delivers a long-lasting, potent high as strong as its scent. The effects of this top pure indica strain are sweet buzz and mellow high.

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3. Strawberry Kush

A great strain for daytime use, Strawberry Kush delivers mellow relaxation without an overpowering buzz. A cross between OG Kush and Strawberry Cough, this strain has a sweet berry flavor. The sativa heritage of the strain provides a subtle head high, with the indica euphoria complementing it. If you want very mellow sedation without a lot of buzzes after smoking, then this strain is for you.

Super Skunk

Super Skunk is a descendent from Skunk #1 and likely bred with Afghani Indica to produce a powerful hybrid. Super Skunk have indica-dominant traits that can deliver up to 20% THC content levels. The CBD level is somewhere between 1% and 2.4%. Taking this cannabis strain you will be clear-minded and have an enhanced ability to concentrate. The scent of this indica strain is very noticeable and has a touch of ammonia odor as well.