The year 2020 is full of stress and anxiety. It lurks in our neurotic handwashing and stimulated by negative headlines day after day. The 2020 events till date can create a downward spiral in even the most optimistic individuals. Fortunately, the versatile herb, cannabis can help you out, which is well-known to help against stress and anxiety.
With so many strains on the market, which cannabis is the best for managing stress and anxiety?
Here are top 4 of them.

1. Jack Herer

Taking notes from its parent strain Northern Lights, Jack Herer offers a euphoric, uplifting high that helps you release stress without feeling overwhelmed or too cerebral.

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2. Blue Dream

Originated in California, this sativa-dominant cannabis strain can give you a relaxing high and has been lauded for its ability to relieve stress without leaving you sedated.

3. Blue Healer

Blue Healer has low THC levels (typically below 10%) and higher CBD content (6-17%). The short lived but powerfully relaxing high offer stress and pain relief without overpowering the consumer.

4. Remedy

This is a CBD-dominant strain coming in at around 16 percent and very low levels of THC. Remedy can be identified by its woody notes and is primarily used for pain relief in medical patients.