CBD is a chemical compound cannabinoid found in cannabis plants, known as Cannabidiol, which has sparked interest among both the advocates and the critics of weed. The reason for this interest is because CBD does not produce the intoxicating effect people generally associates with weed, but in contrast CBD has many potential wellness advantages. This chemical compound is tolerated by most people with little-to-no side effect and their medical benefits include reduction in inflammation, relive from pain and headaches, reducing anxiety and insomnia etc.

Here is top four cannabis strains that contain the highest CBD percentages.

1. Super Lemon Haze

A sativa dominant cannabis strain, bred between Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze has a crisp citrus aroma that makes it an incredibly lovely smelling CBD strain. Super Lemon Haze contains approximately 15-20% CBD and THC content is below 0.3%, making it an excellent legal option for cannabidiol enthusiasts.

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ACDC contains CBD amount with maximum level of 20% and THC amounts from 0.42-6% making it popular among all types of smokers. This strain is a good daytime use strain with earthy and woody flavors giving users an increase in relaxation, energy, and focus. Users of ACDC also reported relieve from migraines, inflammation and nausea too.

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3. Harlequin

A CBD rich sativa-dominant strain lacks the characteristically strong cerebral sativa high due to the mitigating presence of CBD. Most Harlequin strains have a 5:2 ratio of CBD to THC, so users won’t get high despite being feeling happier, energetic and more sociable.

4. Bubba Kush

An indica dominant strain with CBD content at approximately 13% and low THC content making it a popular strain among medical cannabis users. If someone that likes the Kush family of cannabis, they won’t be disappointed. This strain is probably the best way to get CBD with that Kush strength and taste and without the high THC.

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