From the spooky meddling of ghosts and goblins to maintaining social distancing while keeping the trick-or-treaters indoors, there are more than one way to celebrate this Halloween. Along with the candy bars, grab a bong or roll a joint with these spooky cannabis strains!

Top 4 Spooky Cannabis Strains for Halloween

1. The Blood

A spooky name with a positive meaning. The Blood is a pure sativa that’s named for its blood-red leaves and stems. The Blood is said to bless the cultivator with a rewarding harvest and some say that a “red sap” runs from them.

2. Jack the Ripper

With triangle-shaped buds and an intense spicy and lemon-pine aroma, this powerful sativa often tested to have over 20% THC. Visual perceptions can be enhanced. This is not a strain for the novice user as disorientation can be experienced in larger doses.

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3. Funfetti

This indica-dominant hybrid is a cross between Cherry Pie and Animal Cookies and has an intensely relaxing effect on the body that will keep the couch warm as you settle in for hours. Its flavor profiles are sweet and creamy, almost like a slice of birthday cake… or a Halloween cupcake.

4. Ecto-Cooler

A rare hybrid named after a popular movie series, The Ghostbusters. Gorilla Biscuit and California Orange were crossbred to make this strain that tastes like a glass of orange juice that has been tainted with gasoline and pine cleaner. Ideal for Halloween celebrations when energy is desired.