Top Reddit Stoner Jokes

  • From hehasntreddit

    What did the frog say when he passed the bong to his frog friend?

  • From 420Microbiologist

    I told my doctor I was having problems with my joints.
    He told me to roll them tighter.

  • From yummycorndog

    I nicknamed my friend Beans. But now he smokes weed a lot…
    so we call him Baked Beans.

  • From yummycorndog

    Smoke greeting cards if you want to get hi.

  • From yummycorndog

    I was lookin at my reflection in some concrete.
    I looked stoned.

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  • From NorGu5

    What do you call a stoner with two spliffs?
    Double Jointed

  • From creepy_mofo

    This is just going to be filled with bad puns….
    Weed better stop while we’re ahead.

  • From DyslexicCoconut

    What do you call a stoner spilling his weed on the floor?
    Drug Abuse.

  • From dscream

    What do you call a high lizard?
    A mariguana

  • From Lollipop77

    Why’s it called 420? Because you pass the j in the circle. 420 degrees.
    Friend says “but circles have 360 degrees” This is where you say “But then you keep goinnnn”