Share these ridiculously hilarious weed puns with your stoner friends. Chances are, they will think you’re dope!

20 Weed Puns

  • One: You can’t spell healthcare without “THC.”

  • 2: The name’s Bong. James Bong.

  • 3: Joint Effort

  • Four: Weed go well together.

  • Five: Stoned Age.

  • 6: Royal Highness.

  • Se7en: Fweedom.

  • Ei8ht: Mary had a little gram, her Trich’s were white as snow.

  • 9: “Happy St. Fatty’s Day — I won’t be wearing green, but I will be smoking it.”

  • 10: Breaking the Grass Ceiling.

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  • 11: This should be a joint decision.

  • Twelve: Keep Off The Grass.

  • 13: High Expectations.

  • Fourteen: THC-you Later.

  • FifTeen: What do you call a stoner with two joints? Double-jointed.

  • 16: What do you call a field of weed? A high ground.

  • 17: Weeding out the weak.

  • 8tee: The seaweed diet is when you see weed and smoke it.

  • 9teen: A stoner who smokes too much weed is a baked potato.

  • 20: Just keep rolling.