Studies have shown CBD is a great anti-inflammatory, the presence of some THC in the medical cannabis product seems to yield the best results for nerve pain relief. Whether it’s inflammatory pain, nerve pain, acute pain, or chronic pain, finding the right combination of strength and CBD to THC ratio is the first step towards relief.

Depending on the severity and location of the pain there are different medical cannabis products that can be consumed in different ways that may be effective.

Smoke or Vape

Smoking flower or vaporizers can be a great way to get effects immediately. Depending on the severity of the pain, people may use different products throughout the day. While the effects are almost instant, they tend to only last 1-2 hours which is typically not ideal for a chronic condition.


A wide variety of edible cannabis products are available in an equally large amount of strengths and ratios. They also serve as the most long-lasting relief, up to several hours based upon the quantity you ingest. CBD, THC and other cannabinoids enter the bloodstream through the digestive system and take effect usually within an hour or so. Products high in THC which most effectively address nerve pain are best used in the comfort of your home.


Ingested orally, tinctures share the same benefits of edibles in terms of long-term relief and absorption into the bloodstream. They have the added benefit of easily moderating how much you use, having an easy to use dropper to dispense consistent doses.

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Through receptors just below the surface of our skin, topically-applied medical cannabis products go to work at the source of the pain. Topicals are most effective for localized relief, and many contain natural chemicals that aid absorption and penetration into the areas most closely connected to nerves.