Here are 7 Fun, Intriguing and Interesting Facts about Cannabis that will leave you all ‘High’ and amazed.

1. US First President George Washington grew Hemp

George Washington grew Hemp, which comes from the same plant family as cannabis but contains practically no THC – was considered a cash crop during the 18th century and was used to make clothes, paper, and rope.

2. Virginia Assembly required its Residents to Grow Hemp

In the year 1632, the English navy needed hemp for their lines and sailcloth. So the Virginia Assembly required that every planter “provide seede of flaxe and hempe and sowe the same.”

3. Shakespeare smoked Cannabis

Scientists found 400-year-old pipes in Shakespeare’s garden outside his home in Stratford-upon-Avon. Out of the 24 pipes they found, eight of them contained traces of cannabis.

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4. Cameron Diaz bought Cannabis from Snoop Dogg

According to Diaz, both she and Snoop Dogg attended Long Beach Polytechnic High School. Whenever she needed to re-up on cannabis, Snoop was the dude she went to.

5. First Product ever to be Sold Online!

In the early 1970s, students at Standford used their ARPANET accounts at Standford University’s Artificial Intelligence Laboratory to connect with students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in order to arrange a cannabis sale.

6. USA grows the Largest Amount of Cannabis in the World

Civilized published an article entitled “Here are the Top 10 Marijuana-Producing Nations.”

Here’s the complete list:

1. United States
2. Morocco
3. Afghanistan
4. Mexico
5. Colombia
6. Paraguay
7. Jamaica
8. Canada
9. Nigeria
10. India

7. Cannabis is Legal in North Korea!

According to reports from defectors, visitors, and experts, cannabis is either legal in North Korea, or there’s little to no enforcement of cannabis law. Also, a Bulgarian journalist Darmon Richter reported buying a bag of cannabis in North Korea for 80 cents.