Anxiety not only undermines humans but animals as well. In many ways, our pet dogs suffer from stress and fear just like we do. Let’s take a closer look at what causes anxiety in dogs and how can CBD help your dog with anxiety.

Do CBD help my Dog with Anxiety?

One of the fastest growing health trends in pet care is using Hemp and CBD oils to help treat anxiety. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a compound found in cannabis. CBD can help your dog in the same way it potentially helps humans feel calm, enjoy relaxation, falls asleep, and decrease inflammation. Whether your dog suffers from anxiety due to travel, loud noises, or having to go to the vet, CBD may help them feel more calm and relaxed.

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Research has found that CBD helps manage anxiety by changing the brain’s receptor response to serotonin. Though it comes from cannabis, CBD products contain almost no THC, the psychoactive compound that produces the “high” effect in cannabis. Providing your dog with CBD supplements will give them the benefit of relaxation without any intoxication.

Calm your Dog’s Fears with CBD

Many dogs have a fear of loud noises such as fireworks, thunderstorms, or vacuum cleaners. Other dogs are scared of cars, strangers, large bodies of water, or even other animals. If your dog starts displaying signs of being scared, consider slowly desensitizing them to the phobia so they become more familiar with it.

Another strategy is to divert your dog’s attention away from their anxieties by focusing on something else such as practicing tricks for treats, or using their favorite toy to play with them.

It is also a good idea to swap out regular treats with treats that will help ease and comfort your dog. Nowadays, legal cannabis stores offer a variety of calming soft chews, including CBD chews with peanut butter or bacon flavors. Delicious, nutritious, and effective.