1. Bill Gates Support Cannabis Legalization

Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, voted in favour of legalizing marijuana in Washington State in the state’s 2012 referendum. In an interview with BuzzFeed, he said “Traffickers are going to make a lot less money, and some of the perverse things about the illegal drug trade will be avoided…” Bill Gates apparently believes legalization can curb illegal trade.

2. Hollywood Sign once became ‘Hollyweed’ Sign

Around New Year’s in 1976, the iconic “Hollywood” sign was vandalized to read “Hollyweed.” As per a CNN report, “A prankster managed to change the iconic sign overlooking Los Angeles by using tarps to change the O’s in the sign to E’s.”


Cannabis-Infused Gummies at NaturalAid – Legal Cannabis Weed Dispensary, Sunland, California

3. Cannabis a “lost sibling” of Beer

A study published in the journalCannabis and Cannabinoid Research found that about 28 million years ago, Cannabis as we know it today “lost a sibling” —and that sibling was called Humulus. The flowers of Humulus called hops are commonly used as a flavoring for beer (not an intoxicating ingredient).

4. Cannabis was Fed to Pigs in Bhutan

Cannabis in Bhutan is widely available and for the longest time, it was fed to pigs! As an appetite stimulant, The Guardian reports, so the animals were fed weed so they could be fattened up.

5. Cannabis Plants can Grow Very Large, up to 20 Feet!

Cannabis variety Sativa plants can grow very large, up to 20 feet!