Ruderalis Cannabis – Interesting Facts to Know

Ruderalis has been a hidden member or unnoticed species of the cannabis family. Recent findings and researches have shown that this ignored plant is going to play some huge roles in the medical industry. Some medical properties of this species of cannabis can take the presence of marijuana in the medical world to a different level. Here are some useful facts that you need to know about Ruderalis cannabis.

Interesting Facts on Ruderalis Cannabis

  • Ruderalis cannabis plant is the shortest among all cannabis species. (maximum height of 50/55 cm)
  • This plant has a very fast harvesting time. Most of them are ready for harvesting within 10 weeks of seeding.
  • Ruderalis has the fastest rate of growth.
  • It is an auto flowering plant and does not require any photoperiod to jump from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage.
  • This plant is having some unique herbal ingredients, which are very useful for many adverse health conditions. Recently this plant has been in use for the treatment of some rare diseases. Like Cancer, Nausea, loss of appetite from HIV, Sclerosis in multiple forms, Disorder relating to seizures, Crohn’s diseases, etc.
  • Ruderalis has very less amount of THC which makes this plant non-recreational cannabis, but it has a moderate to a high level of CBD which increases the medical benefits of this plant.

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