Considering science to be any indication, when applied, cannabis can be beneficial for beauty enhancement. Here are five impressive reasons why one should consider a cannabis-infused hair treatment or skin elixir.

Top Five Beauty Benefits of Cannabis

One: Stimulates Hair Growth

Cannabis contains cannabis sativa (anti-inflammatory properties) and other essential fatty acids that stimulate hair growth, as well as add more shinie to healthier-looking hair.

Two: Nourishes Scalp

Gamma-Linolenic acid is moisturizing and combats dryness to improve scalp health i.e. less dandruff.

Three: Valuable Addition to Shampoo

Cannabis contains vitamin E, which boosts hair cell regeneration. Plus, thanks to the fatty acids it’s so moisturizing you can practically skip conditioner.

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Four: Eases Inflammation

Whether it’s a skin condition, like eczema and psoriasis, or a rash, you can depend on cannabis oil, which is filled with powerful antioxidants, to soothe and help heal inflammation.

Five: Anti-Ages

While smoking cannabis has been linked to accelerating the aging process, studies have shown that when applied topically, the THC in cannabis has anti-aging properties as it contributes to the overall health and blocks harmful oxygen particles.