We have the perfect cannabis quotes for every occasion so that your Instagram page shines. Following are 10 “High” Quotes for you to Discover and share for Instagram:

10 Cannabis “High” Quotes for Instagram

  • One: “When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself.” – Bob Marley

  • 2: “I don’t consider weed to be any worse than having a beer.” – James Franco

  • Th3: Drunk drivers run Stop Signs…Stoners wait for them to turn Green

  • 4: Don’t Kill my HIGH because You’re low

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  • Five: Struggle is the opponent but marijuana is the solution

  • Six: Why drink and drive while you can use pot and soar?

  • 7: If I die today, burn cannabis so you can see my soul fly away

  • Ei8: “I smoked pot in college, and in the Army…” – Al Gore

  • 9: Weed constructs a nation, alcohol brings the nation down.

  • Ten: If everyone in the universe used weed, the world would be peaceful for at least two hours